Babysitting Services

1 child               $13.00 per hour

2 children        $15.00 per hour

3 children        $17.00 per hour

4 children        $19.00 per hour

5 or more children, please call for pricing.

*Registration fee to use our services is $50.00.*

*Scheduling fee $5.00*

*Minimum of 3 hours is required for babysitting services* 

*Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance*

**Agency reserves the right to collect a $30 fee for same day cancellations**

**Last minute bookings (24 hours or less) may be charged an additional $5.00**

Childcare Substitute Teachers

*One-time Enrollment Fee: $200.00

*Standard Hourly Rate: $18.00/per hour

Nanny Placement

* Full-Time: (Over 30 hours per week) $2,500.00

* Part-Time: (Less than 30 hours per week) $1,500.00

* Nanny Screening: $500.00 ( This is a wonderful option for you if you do not desire us to handle the entire process. You just send us the candidate(s) of your choice and we will screen/vet them.)

Our nanny services include:

*In-home assessment

*Criminal Background investigation 

*Customized nanny agreement

*Ongoing nanny and family Support

*30 day replacement period

*Semiannual nanny reviews (for the first year)

**All nanny placement services will require a 50% deposit in order to begin the process.**

Event Childcare Services

* Call or send an e-mail for a personalized quote.

Daycare Consulting

* Call or send an e-mail for a personalized quote.

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